HSL INKS A range of inks for offset and flexo printing, Process and basic Pantone Colours
HSL BLANKETS A range of blankets, converted punched and barred as required, for all printing presses and applications. Also available in various roll widths for Export. We can supply original Reeves Blankets as well as our own brand.
HSL COATINGS Water and oil based sealers and varnishes to suit most applications
DAMPER COVERS A range of covers, standard and shrink fitting, in synthetic and natural fibres, for all machines supplied in 25 Metre rolls
BLANKET SCRUBBERS To help clean and deglaze your blankets
ANTI OXIDANT Aerosol spray, stops ink drying in the ducts
SILICONE SPRAY Lubricates and dispels moisture
ANTI STATIC SPRAY Aerosol spray to eliminate static build up
PAD ADHESIVE General purpose Padding Adhesive
NITRILE GLOVES For the best protection against chemicals
DISPOSABLE. GLOVES Boxes of 100 vinyl gloves, for general disposable use
PROTECTOR Plate Safe Water Miscible Blanket and Roller Wash
SPONGES Compressible sponges for general use
WASH-UP BOTTLES For safer application of solutions
SYPHON PUMPS For safer handling of liquids
WYPALLS High quality Lint free wipes for printing
INK KNIVES Set of 4, magnetic handles, large or small blades
CUTTING STICKS Range of qualities for most machines
WASHUP BLADES Available for most machines
METERS For conductivity and/or pH readings, also Hydrometers
DELETION PENS Various types available, Positive, Negative, Double ended
DELETION FLUID For corrections to positive or negative plates

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