INK STRIPPER For removal of hard dried ink from all surfaces; a good MEK substitute
MRW Metering Roller Wash for metal rollers
RESTORER Rejuvenates the surface of used blankets and rollers to pristine condition
COLOUR CHANGE PASTE For deep cleaning of rollers, between colour changes
ROLLER SHAMPOO Apply to rollers for deep cleaning and reconditioning
BLANKET REPAIR KIT Repairs smashes on blankets in seconds
DAMPER WASH For manual or automatic cleaning of Damper Covers
NUMBERING BOX CLEANER Cleans, conditions and lubricates numbering boxes in one easy operation - full instructions with every container
SILK SCREEN WASH For silk screen users
PINEKLEEN HAND CLEANER Hand Cleaner, contains Pine derivatives for a cleaning and disinfectant action. Removes and cleans ink, grease and other work related hand soiling.
ORANGE FLAG HAND CLEANER Similar to PINEKLEEN, but with natural citrus based cleaners
CALCIUM REMOVER Removes calcium deposits from rollers

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