Our Fountain solutions, developed over many years, are in daily use at sheetfed and web offset sites around the world. Formulated to cope with the widest possible latitude in operating conditions, they incorporate advanced chemistry to negate variations in incoming water supplies (RO versions/advice on request).

Our Founts incorporate Biocides, softeners, buffers, antifoams, and corrosion inhibitors to maximise efficiency, and our Alcohol Reduction / Replacement products are designed to make changing as simple as possible. Full technical support is available. Concentrations shown are general indications only.

PREMIER FOUNT General purpose fount for sheetfed and web applications. Recommended for use at 2%. Fully buffered, works with hard or soft water, includes biocides to clean and protect the water system. Control by conductivity
PREMIER FOUNT PLUS An alcohol reducing Fount which can assist in reducing alcohol usage, even when running at 2% addition.
PREMIER WEB FOUNT Developed for high speed web applications
DIAMOND FOUNT Alcohol replacement Fount for sheetfed and web presses. Includes special water control additives to replace the effect of alcohol (IPA). Recommended to use at 4%.
ADMIRAL FOUNT Alcohol reduction Fount. Used at between 2 to 4% can assist in substantially reducing alcohol usage on the sheetfed and web presses
COMMODORE FOUNT Advanced general purpose Fount, for sheetfed and web presses
AGUA FOUNT Sheetfed Fount for general applications, use at 4% in either hard or soft water areas
R.T.U. FOUNT Small offset Fount solution for use on either conventional or integrated damping systems
ISOPROPANOL Top quality lithographic alcohol
ANTIFOAM This product will swiftly and effectively remove foaming in the damping system should it occur
REMINERALISER For use with Reverse Osmosis systems, a water hardening additive for addition to the treated water which will normalise the water hardness, reduce corrosion, and aid the ink/water balance on press
FLUSH System Cleaner, kills microbial and fungal build up in the damping system. Recommended for use in a general maintenance program the concentration of active agents will remove mild to moderate contamination in the system.
FLUSH TWO If the damping system is severely contaminated, this product contains a powerful blend of biocides for removing even the most stubborn deposits

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